Dress code/hair

Just a reminder regarding dress code & hair. Gymnasts who aren’t prepared with their hair tied back will have to sit out. Also a reminder to remove jewelry before class. 

Here’s a copy of the dress code from the handbook:


All gymnasts are required to wear a gym suit. For girls, this is a leotard with either long, short or no sleeves. Suits with skirts are not acceptable. Boys can wear a one piece suit or a close fitting t-shirt and shorts. Feet must be bare.
Long hair must be tied up and back. If hair is long enough to flop in eyes it must be restrained. Long bangs have to be held back by clips. Hair in the gymnast’s eyes can cause them to misjudge distance, slip, and fall. Jewelry must be removed prior to the start of class. This includes watches, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Gymnasts may consider leaving these at home on gym day. Small stud type earrings are acceptable, but they will be taped to prevent snagging. Any other types are not to be worn, they will be asked to remove these prior to class start (coaches may snag on them while spotting the gymnast and rip an ear). MedicAlert bracelets are a special circumstance and can be worn but may be taped during class.


Just a reminder that this week is picture week. Your gymnasts picture will be taken if you have paid to have one taken of them. They will all be in the group photo. Picture forms were sent out with some gymnasts last week, please bring those with you if you are interested in having your gymnasts photo taken. If you did not receive a form there will be forms available at the gym.  
For gymnasts who come twice a week (Stars and Competitive gymnasts), group and individual photos will be taken on Tuesday, Feb 7th. Thursday, Feb 9th will be for Stars and Competitive gymnasts who missed on Tuesday.
For Competitive gymnasts only…please remember to wear your competitive suits today!(Tuesday, Feb 7th)